Our Story

Started as a hobby to help pay some bills and teach our boys (both have Down Syndrome) marketable skills and work ethic (along with colors, shapes, and sizes), Bright Night Reflective kept growing, and growing. In 2020, the world changed, and so did our name, just slightly, to Bright Knight Reflective, to more easily match our other brand, Dragon Grips (self adhesive grip decals). We took these two brands full time in 2019 and have been blessed since then with hiring two young ladies to help in out packaging department (they also have Down Syndrome). We love what we do. We get to keep you safe, keep you styling, and help give meaningful work to those with disabilities. So, thank you for taking the time to check us out. Hopefully we can earn your business. ~Joel

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    "Was a bit worried because all of my Motorcycle gear is black. So I wanted to do something that would increase visibility in night time. ... The tape is very discrete and doesn't ruin the gear but is bright when needed. Highly recommend this and I don't often give good reviews."

    ~ Daark

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    "I cut shapes like lightning bolts and such that you barely see on my dark bike frame during the day, but they light up when headlights hit them. Cool!"

    ~ Picky

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    "Very good quality decals, look outstanding. Great small business to support!"

    ~ Richard M.